Water Management
The first French-speaking Swiss Canton chooses WISKI
The Federal Office for Environment chose WISKI for the management of their water data...
25 years of WISKI ! The KISTERS celebration with all European clients
The 25th anniversary of the annual WISKI users' meeting at the German Federal Institute of Hydrology (BfG) in Koblenz, Germany
WaterML 2.0 Adopted as an Official OGC Standard
The Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) has decided to adopt WaterML 2.0 as an official OGC standard for hydrological time series encoding.
Spain choses WISKI as National System for Hydrometric Data Management
The preferred system that best met the objectives of the hydrological data project.
Data in the net and open standards
WISKI is following suit with the latest advances in both web based technology and open standards...
WISKI – Working Towards a Holistic View on Water
In creating a holistic view on the influences of the water cycle WISKI plays a crucial role...
WISKI academy
Learn about WISKI and exchange with peers …
WISKI News & Trends
Field Visits, Ensembles, Time and Space, Device tracking, Crowd Sourcing, Create it if does not exist, Samples, Radar Data Management
25 Years of WISKI - User Conference 2012
25 Years of WISKI - User Conference 2012
WISKI 7 as a basis for research work at Teagasc, Ireland
The Irish Agriculture and Food Development Authority contracted KISTERS to provide a hydro-meteorological time series management system...
WISKI Academy: 2011 Wrap-up
Two weeks KISTERS WISKI Academy
WISKI in Serbia
The Hydrology Department of the Hydrometeorological Service of Serbia (RHMSS) is using a new hydrological information system based on KISTERS Time Series Management (KiTSM).
The Basque Water Agency URA chooses KISTERS
The WISKI Hydrometeorological Information Management System will allow all the automated tasks...
The new partnership agreement between ITEG and KISTERS further increases their competitive edge for the visualisation and the reporting of time series data
TIS-Graph, the visualisatioon and reporting software for time series of the Austrian ITEG, further increases our possibilities in these areas...
KISTERS Makes it Official, Joins CUAHSI as Corporate Member
KISTERS makes it official and joins the CUAHSI organization as a corporate member
KISTERS is GEOWOW partner in the EU project for the standardisation of geodata
KISTERS has been supporting the GEOWOW project, which is part of the EU-sponsored project GEOSS for the development of a global Earth monitoring system since October 2011.
KISTERS wins WTO tender in Switzerland
KISTERS AG has won the tender for the WTO project Hydrological Information System of the Swiss Agency for the Environment (BAFU)
KISTERS receives top rating from Hoppenstedt
This makes KISTERS among the top 3.3% companies in Germany...
KISTERS Using New OGC Standards to Bring Clients' Hydrological Data to the Cloud
KISTERS has developed KiWIS, a revolutionary new way for organizations to openly share water data in the cloud using the newest standards WaterML 2 and SOS developed by the Open Geospatial Constorium.
KiWQM, a new advanced sampling data management system...
KISTERS receives the OpenMI Award 2010
The OpenMI Association awarded KISTERS commitment for data exchange and interoperability in the hydrology
The WISKI 7 Customer Council
Customers from the German speaking market meet KISTERS since 2007.
KISTERS time series management (KiTSM) is OpenMI compliant
With the OpenMI extension it is now possible to link OpenMI compliant models or modules to WISKI...
KISTERS & OGC Surface Water Interoperability Experiment
The development of WaterML 2.0, an international meta language for data exchange in hydrology...
WISKI 7 News
New agents such as the calculation of percentiles and standard deviations...
WISKI 7: Performance tests in quality assurance
Performance tests as an integral component of the daily automatic testing...
WISKI Web supplies data to the joint German Flood Information Web Site
‚WISKI as a Service’
For consultancies, universities, and research institutes worldwide
Klaus Kisters
    Monday, December 19, 2011

    25 Years of WISKI - User Conference 2012

    We want to celebrate 25 years of WISKI with you! Please attend the International WISKI User Conference 2012. We are delighted that the Federal Institute of Hydrology and the Global Runoff Data Centre willl support the User Conference together with KISTERS.

    Please find more information under the heading
    Conferences / Water Managment