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KISTERS Makes it Official, Joins CUAHSI as Corporate Member
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KISTERS Using New OGC Standards to Bring Clients' Hydrological Data to the Cloud
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Authorized PSION Reseller
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Ontario Clean Water Agency
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KISTERS time series management (KiTSM) is OpenMI compliant
With the OpenMI extension it is now possible to link OpenMI compliant models or modules to WISKI...
Phil Stefanoff
Director of Business Development , KNA
    Friday, September 30, 2011

    KISTERS Using New OGC Standards

    Aachen, Germany/Citrus Heights, CA, September 30, 2011— KISTERS presented its final results of the Surface Water Interoperability Experiments #1 and #3 to the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) in Boulder, CO this past week. The end result of this work was KiWIS (KISTERS Web Interoperability Solution), the first commercially available and robust service module on the market. Used in combination with WISKI or Hydstra, KiWIS is able to both consume and publish real-time hydrological data over the Internet ( using open standards like WaterML 2.0 and SOS. This combination can also be placed “on-top” of existing time series data archives, providing a quick and efficient method for disseminating and retrieving data from the Internet.

    Michael Natschke and Peter FitchKISTERS worked closely with leading organizations such as the Global Runoff Data Center (GRDC), Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), US Geological Survey (USGS), 52 North, SANDRE, German Waterways DLZ-IT, Australian Bureau of Meteorology (BOM), and Geological Survey of Canada (GSC) to advance the development of WaterML 2.0, test its use with the OGC standard SOS.

    A WISKI system was implemented for the Global Runoff Data Center at KISTERS head office in Aachen, thus enabling the GRDC to view all of their meta data, specific surface water attributes, time series data, and derived data products like Daily Mean, Mean Lowest Flow, Monthly Flow, Monthly Highest Flow etc. within the WISKI system.

    On top of KISTERS GRDC System KISTERS set the KiWIS service.  KiWIS is able to publish WISKI content via the SOS API as WaterML 2.  In addition KiWIS can publish the same content as WaterOneFlow and WaterML 1.  KiWIS also supports standards such as ESRI’s layer packages. With KiWIS on top of the GRDC system KISTERS is now able to bring the GRDC data into the cloud for everyone to use.

    Michael Natschke (inset left), WISKI Product Manager for KISTERS says, “We are extremely excited at the outcome of the work done in these IE’s.  If it were not for the immense efforts put forward by all the initiators and participants in the SW and GW IE’s, KISTERS would not have been able to develop KiWIS.  Interoperability issues around data and data formats between and within the surface water, groundwater and meteorological domains are now being solved with KiWIS.  What’s even better, is the fact that this data can be seen by any client application able to use these open standards.” Stefan Fuest, Product Manager, Web/GIS for KISTERS notes, "KiWIS makes use of KISTERS' proprietary high speed data protocol for moving massive amounts of time series data to the Internet, unrivaled by any other commercial water data management software in the marketplace. I want to thank everyone involved in keeping KISTERS at the forefront of implementing open standards for water data management."

    Peter Fitch (inset right), the research program leader for Environmental Information Systems at CSIRO, co-ordinator of the Interoperability experiment and key member of the Hydro Domain Working Group at the OGC which is working to develop WaterML 2.0 comments, “I share Michael’s enthusiasm for the development of open standards like WaterML 2.0.  Having vendors like KISTERS participate in the development of open standards and producing tools such as KiWIS is critical for the success of the OGC Hydro Domain working group and its goals for improved access to and interoperability of hydrological data.”

    Ulrich Looser, Head of the GRDC, emphasizes that “the advantages of web services are clearly recognized by the GRDC and a process has started to develop web services for a number of GRDC requirements. We certainly look forward to continuing our close work with KISTERS, not only within the OGC Hydro Domain Working Group, to build upon the many successes we have seen thus far.”

    Several government agencies and university institutions across the globe are already benefitting from the KiWIS service.  With KISTERS service orientated architecture and high speed data protocols, sharing large amounts of water data in the cloud is a reality!

    KISTERS develops industry-proven software solutions for water data management, air data management, and energy data management. KISTERS has high-capacity scalable systems that can be easily tailored to suit both their customers’ and local demands.  KISTERS software is implemented around the world and conforms to all the major industry standards.  Their customers are private companies - from small firms up to well-known multinationals - as well as all levels of government.

    For information on this press release, please contact the following individual who is closest to your region;

    Roland Funke
    KISTERS AG, Germany
    +49 241 9671 -179

    Phil Stefanoff
    KISTERS North America, Inc., USA


    Peter Heweston
    KISTERS Pty., Australia

    +61 2 6288 -2288

    For additional information or a hardcopy of this release, contact: Jennifer Durda +1 916-723-1441,, 7777 Greenback Lane, Suite 209, Citrus Heights, CA, 95610-5800